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33009   D6509   "Walrus"  


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Date Event Location / Notes
Date Event Location / Notes
May 1960 To traffic BRCW Works No. DEL101
May 1960 Allocated Hither Green
Oct 1965 Re-allocated Eastleigh
Mar 1974 Re-numbered 6509 to 33009
May 1982 Gen Overhaul Eastleigh Works
Mar 1985 Overhaul Eastleigh Works
Mar 1989 Re-allocated Stewarts Lane
Jan 1990 Power Unit Change Eastleigh Works
Sep 1990 Re-allocated Eastleigh
Mar 1991 Light Overhaul Eastleigh Works
Mar 1991 Repaint CE Dutch Eastleigh Works
Sep 1991 Named "Walrus", Eastleigh Depot
Dec 1991 Accident Samford Courtney, Okehampton
Mar 1992 Withdrawn Accident Damage. Eastleigh
Mar 1997 Cut up M R J Phillips, Eastleigh Works