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This page shows the livery details and variations of Class 33 locomotives, from their introduction in 1960, to preservation in 2018.

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All pictures on this page are taken by Jon Biglowe except where stated.

33046 "Merlin"  Salisbury 11/05/1996


All 98 locomotives were delivered in British Railways locomotive green, with off-white window surrounds, and a 3" off-white band. The roofs were grey with a semi translucent centre fibreglass section. The underfames was black, and the bufferbeams red. From the mid sixties onwards, yellow warning panels were applied. All but 2 were repainted BR blue with yellow ends.  There were a few variations of the standard blue, as shown below, but many locos were scrapped still carrying it.

From the late 1980s onwards the remaining locos were painted in a variety of liveries as shown below. To see the location and date of a photo, just hover your cursor over it.

British Rail Green

D6570-33052 "Ashford" K&ESR

Brunswick Green with white stripe. Shown displayed by the preserved D6570 (33052) "Ashford". Carried by all 98 locos.

33008 Winchfield 25/09/88

Green with small yellow warning panel. This scheme was revived by 33008 in the 1980s. The first loco painted in this scheme was D6530 in June 1962, it had rounded corners at the top of the panel. Subsequent recipients had rectangular panels, and most Cromptons received them, known exceptions being D6502/7/9/44.

One loco, D6580 (later 33119) at one stage had a small panel, just between it's push-pull jumper cables. It was the only Crompton to wear green livery with push-pull equipment

33008 Plain Green 28/6/86 Bristol TM

Plain Green with Full Yellow ends, but no white stripe. Intermediate livery for 33008 in June 1986. Picture taken 28/6/86 at Bristol Temple Meads by Paul Appleby (

33008 Bristol TM 06/08/86

Green with Full Yellow ends. Carried by several locos in the Green to Blue transition period, and by 33008 in 1986 (above). First appeared in late 1968, known to be applied to 6501/3/6/10/2/8/50/3/9/60/1/2/3/4/6/7/8/70/1/2/3/5/6/81/2/4/96. Some locos, such as D6560, has the white stripe cut back to the rear of the cab doors. There were three different ownership logos on this livery, most were the standard British Railways steam loco later crest. The exceptions were D6570, which had the carriage roundel, and D6508, which had the British Rail arrows. The final loco carrying green (apart from later re-livered D6508/33008), is believed to have been 6566 in 1971.

British Rail Blue

33119+33106 Meldon Quarry 06/05/89

BR Blue with yellow ends and window surrounds. the standard scheme, carried by virtually all 33s. Shown on 33119 and 33106 in 1989. The roof was blue apart from the lift-out panel. Until the middle 1980s, there was no orange warning stripe at cant-rail level. Firstly applied to the 33/1s on their conversion in 1967, and later to all except D6502 and D6576.

33101 Chandler's Ford

Blue with yellow ends and white window surrounds. This was carried by several of the push-pull 33/1s from 1982 to around 1984. Displayed on 33101, on a Salisbury service diverted via Chandler's Ford. Known to be carried by 33101, 33105, 33107 and 33119.

33112  Salisbury 14/05/88

Blue with yellow ends and black windows and cab roof, only carried by 33112 in the 1980s. The picture shows 33112 at Salisbury in May 1988.

33027 Basingstoke 26/09/87

Blue with yellow ends, and silver roof. Carried by the named locos (and 33023) from 1980 onwards. The position of the silver varied, the earlier versions did not have the silver on the lower middle section of the roof. Most of the named blue 33s also carried red bufferbeams. Worn by 33008, 33023, 33025, 33027, and 33056. I do not think that 33052, which was also named around the same time, ever had a silver roof.

33056 Southampton Mid Eighties

Blue with yellow ends, and silver roof with white stripes. Only carried by 33056, as far as I know, in the mid 1980s for a short time.

33012 Ropley, MHR 08/03/98

Yellow Cab, with black window surrounds. Carried by 33012 for a short time in 1981-82, and as a privately owned loco on the Mid Hants Railway. More recently, 33021 has been painted in this scheme

Blue with silver roof and white window surrounds. Carried by 33023 for a short time in 1988. The shade of blue is believed to not quite BR blue, but more like the shade carried by 50008. Picture taken at Waterloo 29th October 1988 by Nic Joynson.

Railfreight Three Tone Grey

33051 Cliffe, Kent 06/01/90

Railfreight Construction, dark grey roof, mid grey upper body panel, and light grey lower body. A dozen locos carried this scheme from May 1988 until the middle   90's. It was designated for locomotives engaged in the Channel Tunnel construction work, in the FASB pool. The locos in this livery were 33021, 33033, 33042, 33050, 33051, 33053, 33056, 33063, 33064, 33202, 33204, and 33207.

33302 (33202) Winchfield 25/09/88

Railfreight Distribution. Introduced in 1988 and carried by 33203, 33204, 33205 (33302), 33206, and 33211. These locos shunted the Dover Train Ferry, and worked in the MDIB pool.

33050 Poole 19/01/92

Railfreight Construction, with incorrect dark grey upper body panel. Only carried by 33050, during 1992.

BR General Grey

33109  Eastleigh 10/09/93

All over mid grey with black doors and windows. Carried from 1989 onwards by 33002, 33008, 33025, 33026, 33057, 33065, 33101, 33103, 33108, 33109, 33116, 33118, 33201, and possibly 33204, which is listed in Platform 5 Books as going from Construction to General Grey to Distribution during 1992-3. Most of the listed locos were later given the yellow body panel treatment. The picture shows 33109 "Captain Bill Smith RNR" in Eastleigh yard in September 1993.

BR Departmental Grey and Yellow

33208 Newbury 24/08/96

As General Grey scheme, but with upper body panel in yellow. Usually referred to as 'Dutch' livery. Most of the plain grey machines had the yellow added. The picture shows 33208 at Newbury in August 1996. The first application of this livery was in late 1990. Worn by the following engines 33002, 33008, 33009, 33019, 33025, 33026, 33030, 33035, 33046, 33047, 33051, 33057, 33065, 33103, 33108, 33109, 33116, 33118, 33201, 33202, and 33208.

33051 15/02/97 Sheffield

Departmental Grey and Yellow, but with White roof. As far as I know, only worn by 33051. It was applied for railtours, the picture shows 33051 on tour at Sheffield in February 1997.

Network South East

33035 Eastleigh Works 27/09/92

NSE blue, red, white, and light grey colours were carried by 33035 and 33114 in 1992. The picture shows 33035 at Eastleigh Works Open Day on 27/09/92.

Inter City

83301 06/06/92 Asford Chart Leacon

Inter City style dark grey, white, red, and light grey. Used on 83301 (33115) from May 1989 when testing Eurostar bogies. The locomotive was not capable of moving on it's own in this condition, and always worked with a 73. It was known as Zebedee, because of the prominent springs. Shown at Ashford Chart Leacon Open Day on 06/06/92.

Mainline Three Tone Grey

33204b.jpg (34698 bytes)

As Railfreight Three Tone Grey scheme, but with 'Mainline' branding. This was applied to 33012, 33063, 33204, and 33207 in late 1995. This picture was taken by and is is copyright 71A Locomotives/HTL.


33030 Toton 30/08/98

Wisconsin Central style red and yellow. Specially applied to 33030 only for the 1998 Toton Open Day, as shown above on 30/08/98.

Private Owner Red

33021 Tysley 15/07/00

Pillar Box Red, worn by 33021, as its owners worked for the Post Office. Shown at Tysley in July 2000.

Private Owner Green

33103 15/04/00 Hamworthy Quay

Brunswick green, as applied to 33103 by its owners Cambrian Railtours in April 2000.

Fragonset Black

33021 02/01/03 Salisbury

Black with large red stripe. First applied to 33108 in January 2001, followed by 33021, 33103, and 33202 in 2002.

DRS Blue

33025 Keighly And Worth Valley Railway. 3rd August 2002

Dark Blue. Applied to 33207 in April 2001, followed by 33030 and 33025 in 2002. This picture was taken at Oxenhope on 3rd August 2002.

WCRC Maroon

33207 Bargoed. 4th December 2005

Maroon with black stripe, first applied to 33207 in 2005, followed by 33025 and 33029. Picture taken by David Tutton at Bargoed on 4th December 2005.

FM Rail NSE Blue

33046 Midland Railway Centre. 7th April 2007.

Network SouthEast Blue applied to 33046 only whilst undergoing overhaul at Derby. Picture taken by 'Martian' Rich at the Midland Railway Centre on the 7th April 2007.