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This page contains the latest news on the surviving Class 33 Locomotives. As the surviving locos are mostly on preserved railways, the news is mostly of a preservation type nature. 33012 at Swanage, and the WCRC locos are now the only 33s left that could venture onto Network Rail. At the current time only 33012, 33025, 33029 & 33207 likely are likely to appear on the mainline because they are the only ones fitted with OTMR. I will try to detail any movements of these engines.

If you have any additions or corrections to make to this page, please let me know, see link at bottom of page. Old news may be found here

33021 at Tysely

04/06/24   33053 Changes Hands

It is reported that 33053 has been aquired by HNRC, and has been moved by road from Leicester to Worksop.

01/06/24   Another Outing for 33012

On Thurday 6th June 2024 D6515/33012 will travel to Eastleigh to work top and tail with 50008 on the "Holt Hoover". This Branch Line Society tour will travel to Sheringham on the North Norfolk Railway.

13/04/24   Outing for 33012

On Friday 5th April 2024 D6515/33012 travelled to Eastleigh Works to collect 50026 "Indomitable". The class 50 will be undertaking testing on the Swanage Railway.

05/04/24   Upcoming Railtours

There are several Class 33 hauled railtours for 2024. The Branch Line Society are running the "Jurassic Crompton" on Thursday 9th May from Waterloo to the Swanage Railway Diesel Gala. This will feature 33012/D6515 and 69007. The return working will be on Sunday 12th May with the "Return of the Jurassic Crompton".

Saturday 27th July will see a UK Railtours trip from Basingstoke to the Dean Forest Railway with 33012 and the London Underground 4TC set.

On Sunday 28th July UK Railtours will use 33012/D6515 for the "Waterside Wanderer" from Fenchurch Street to Harwich Town, Griffin Wharf, Clacton and Colchester Town.

09/12/23   Another Double Headed Railtour

33207 and 33029 worked the Pathfinder Tours "Chester Christmas Cromptons" today. The tour was Eastleigh to Chester via Salisbury, Westbury, Severn Tunnel and Abergavenny.

06/08/23   Double Headed Railtour

33025 and 33029 worked the Pathfinder Tours "Pembroke Coast Express" today. It started at Salisbury and headed to Tenby and Pembroke Dock.

17/07/23   33012 Mainline Moves

71A's 33012 has taken to the mainline again to take the London Underground 4TC Set to the Mid-Hants Railway. It picked up the 4TC set at Eastleigh Works before taking it to Alton on Wednesday 12th July. 33012 then particpated in the Mid-Hants Railway Diesel Gala held from Friday 14th July to Sunday 16th July.

31/05/23   Crompton Railtour

WCRC 33025 & 33029 Worked Pathfinder Railtours "The Crompton Torbay Venturer" on Thursday 29th May. It travelled from Burton-onTrent to Paignton and back. The locos returned to their WCRC Southall the next day.

01/05/23   Another One Gone

33046 has had it's main frame severed, and can be considered scrapped. The Crompton was a source of spares for 33117 at Bury, and has one cab and part of the body removed. The cab was taken to the Lanelli and Mynydd Mawr Railway to be part of a collection.

11/04/23   Crompton Railtours

The upcoming Swanage Railway Diesel gala will result in the Branch Line Society running 2 railtours featuring 33012. These will be: The Jurassic Crompton on Thursday 11th May 2023, and The Return of the Jurassic Crompton on Sunday 14th May 2023. See for details. Update: This tour is now cancelled

In addition, Pathfinder are running a tour from Burton to Painton, featuring two WCRC Cromptons on Monday 29th May. See for details.

24/11/22   New Crompton Book

Key Books have published a new book on Class 33s. Scroll to the bottom of the Book section on the Media page for details.

24/10/22   Double Headed Cromptons

33053 and 33201 have been in action, both singly and together on 23/10/2022 at a Class 33 Running Day at the Battlefield Line. 33008 was also present, it is undergoing a protracted repair job.

06/10/22   33108 Livery Change

33108 was observed at the Severn Valley Diesel Gala being painted into the Yellow and Grey "Dutch" Civil Engineers scheme. 33108 was one of the Class 33s painted into to this livery in the 1990s.

01/09/22   33025 in Trouble

33025 was the assist loco for Jubilee Class 45596 Bahamas on it's railtour from London Victoria to Weymouth. 33025 was on the rear down to Weymouth, and on the front from Weymouth to Southampton, then tailing again back to London. However, there was a problem at Clapham Junction when 33025 failed and the tour was terminated. The reason is unknown, but may be related to a dangling brake pipe that was seen on the return through Poole.

14/08/22   Cromptons running in drought

Due to the current drought preserved railways have been running diesels vice steam. This includes 33012 & 33111 at Swanage, 33048 & 33057 on the West Somerset, and specially moved 33202 at the Kent & East Sussex. In addition 33029 & 33025 ran a railtour from Paddington to Minehead in place of steam.

18/07/22   WCRC Crompton Moves

33025 and 33029 hauled Motor Luggage Vans S68001 and S68002, along with 2-EPB 5759 from Southall to the Mid-Hants Railway for their Diesel Gala. After the Gala the pair of Cromptons returned the MLVs, the 2-EPB, and the 4-TC to Southall.

08/07/22   33029 Hauls 4-TC

33029 hauled London Underground's 4-TC unit with the 5Z33 1035 West Ruislip L.U.L. to Alton. The 4-TC is for use at the Mid-Hants Railway Diesel Gala 15th to 17th July. 33111 from Swanage will also be moved up for the gala, but this will be by road.

14/06/22   33202 back on the system

33202 was taken by 33012 to the Keighley and Worth Valley Diesel Gala, because of this it has been allocated by the RSL to the MBDL pool (Private Owner Diesel Locomotives). 33202 was returned by 33012 to the Mid Norfolk Railway on Monday 13th June. 33012 then hauled 50026 back to the Swanage Railway on Tuesday 14th June.

13/05/22   West Somerset Crompton Running

33048 is the booked motive power for the diesel diagram on Saturday 14th May and Sunday 15th May. 33057 is booked for the Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May. Please check with the WSR before travelling though.

10/05/22   Diesel Galas for 33012

After the Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, 33012 hauled the convoy of 31128, 37703, 44004 and 46045, to Kidderminster on the Severn Valley Railway. It will particpate in their Diesel Gala being held 19th to 22nd May. 33012 is also due at the Keighley and Worth Valley Diesel Gala being held 10th to 12th June, but will return to Swanage before taking heading to Yorkshire.

14/04/22   33012 Home Again

After 15 months in Eastleigh Works, 33012 has returned to the Swanage Railway. It pulled 50026 from the works to Swanage, so it can run in the forthcoming Diesel Gala 5th to 8th May.

10/04/22   33109 Damaged

33109 was approaching Bury from the Heywood direction when youths dropped an object from a road bridge. The window covering the route indicator box was smashed.

21/03/22   Day out for 33025

West Coast's 33025 worked The Cheshireman railtour on 19/03/22 from Euston to Chester and back. It was partnered with 47804 for the occasion.

20/02/22   33012 Nearly Back

The 71A AGM was held in Eastleigh Works on Saturday 19th February. Those present were told of the progress on the cab overhaul of 33012. The work is mostly complete, and after testing, it is hoped the loco will be returned to Swanage in the near future.

02/10/21   Way Out West

WCRC's 33207, along with 37706, worked Steam Dreams tour from Penzance to Plymouth on 01/10/21. They handed over to steam locos 45596 & 61306 at Plymouth, and then ran light engines to Taunton.

22/09/21   33019 has moved

33019 has been moved by road from the Battlefield Line, to Nemesis Rail, Burton.

19/09/21   South Coast Action for 33025

33025 has been top and tailing with LNER B1 61306, working the 14:26 Littlehampton- Southampton Central. It also worked the 18:11 Chichester - Fratton.

16/09/21   Mixed diesel paring for 33029

33029 has been working with 31128 on the final "Scarborough Spa Express" of the year. It led the 31 on the Scarborough to Carnforth leg.

04/09/21   33025 back in action

33025 is back in action with WCRC. It performed ECS duties between Southall and Paddington on 24th July. On 25th July it headed a Marylebone to Banbury fliming trip, and since then has been performing on some of the Royal Windsor Steam Express workings.

03/09/21   33053 travels to Pitsford & Brampton

33053 is visiting the Northampton & Lamport Valley Railway. It arrived from it's normal base at Leicester Depot on 28th May, in response to a request from the railway, as both of it's main line diesel locos (31289 & 47205) had failed. It is expected to stay for around six months.

10/08/21   33002 at the Spa Valley Railway

33002 is currently visiting the Spa Valley Railway. It will be running in conjunction with resident 33063 on several days in August and September.

29/06/21   New home for 33052

D6570 (33052) has been purchased for use on the Blubell Railway by "B350 Ltd.", who are the owners of D4106 (09018), which also lives on the Bluebell. It is due to move from it's current home on the Kent & East Sussex Railway on Friday. On arrival it will undergo bodywork and roofing repairs before entering service in it's main role as a "thunderbird" loco.

08/06/21   33207 workings

33207 has been performing ECS duties for the Royal Windsor Steam Express workings. These trips from London Victoria to Windsor are generally twice a day on Tuesdays.

04/01/21   33012 to the Works

33012 travelled light engine from Swanage to Eastleigh Works as 1Z33 on Monday 4th January. It is to undergo body corrosion work.

11/11/20   New Crompton Book

A new book on Class 33s has recently been released. It is called "The Class 33s A Sixty Year History", by Simon Lilley. Details are on the Media page.

21/09/20   33110 Sold

33110 has been sold to a private buyer, believed to be the same person that owns 33018 and 33202. The loco has left the Bodmin & Wenford Railway by road, destination unknown, but probably the same location as 33018, somewhere in Essex.

07/08/20   Crompton Action in Dorset

The Swanage Railway is now operating a two train service, one steam, the other diesel, between Swanage and Norden. 33012 and 33111 are sharing the daily diesel turns.

13/03/20   Sucessful Mainline Crompton Weekend

All went well with the railtours and light engine moves during last weekend's railtours. On Friday 6th March, 33012 travelled light from Swanage to Southall WCRC. On Saturday 7th March, 33029 headed the BL railtour from Lancaster to Paddington. On Sunday 8th March, 33207 and 33012 hauled the BLS Devonian Crompton railtour from London Victoria to Coleford Junction in Devon, and back to London Waterloo. On Monday 9th March, 33012 travelled light engine back from Southall to Swanage.

01/05/20   33201 Moved

33201 moved at the end of April from Chinnor to the Battlefield Line.

10/03/20   33053 Moved

33053 has been moved by 56091 from Leicester to the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway. This is in connection with their forthcoming Diesel Gala.

06/03/20   More Crompton Railtours

In addition to the three tours mentioned below, there are more Branchline Society railtours on the following dates:

See here for details.

28/01/20   33110 For Sale

The Bodmin & Wenford Railway have put 33110 up for sale by sealed bid. It is in full working order. The details can be found here:

14/12/19   33201 Moves Again

33201 is now at the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway, an early arrival for their Diesel Gala to be held 27th to 29th March 2020.

07/12/19   Three days of Crompton Railtours

The Branch Line Society is running three related railtours in March 2020. The positioning tour, "The Fenny Ctompton", hauled by a WCR 33, runs on Saturday 7th March 2020, from Lancaster to Paddington.

The main tour, "The Devonian Crompton" is on Sunday 8th March 2020, from London Victoria to Exeter St Davids, Credition, Weston-super-Mare, Bristol Temple Meads, Salisbury and London Waterloo. It will be hauled by 33012 and a WCR Class 33.

The re-positioning move tour, "The Park Royal Parkinson", runs on Monday 9th March 2020. Hauled by a WCR 33 from Paddington via Bicester and Coventry to Lancaster

29/09/19   33035 off to Wensleydale

33035 Has been moved by road from the East Lancs Railway to the Wensleydale Railway. This is for running on their Polar Express Christmas trains.

15/09/19   33201 Visits Epping

33201 is visiting the Epping Ongar railway for it's Autumn Diesel Gala.

23/03/19   Three Cromptons on mainline in one day

Today there were three 33s on the mainline in one day. 33029 and 33012 worked the railtour mentioned below, while 33207 worked on a railtour in East Anglia.

09/01/19   The Marching Crompton II Railtour

On the 23rd of March there will be a Branch Line Society railtour from Crewe to Weymouth and back. The outward run will feature 2 x WCRC 33s and Class 47. The return run will also feature 33012 from the Swanage Railway.

08/11/18   33202 Heads East

33202 has left the Mid Hants Railway, and been moved by road to the Mid Norfolk Railway. This is reportedly to assist with the major track works currently being undertaken.

05/11/18   33025 to the rescue

33025 was working top and tail with 47826 on the Branch Line Society "Ruby Vampire" railtour, when one of the five coaches derailed. There was only one coach between the derailed coach and the Class 33, so 33025 did 2 passenger rescue missions to Wrexham, with just the one coach.

18/10/18   33021 Repainted

33021 has been returned to the Post Office red livery it carried previously.

23/07/18   Sustained running for 33057

33057, running as D6575, has worked a diagram (vice steam) on the 16th to 19th July on the West Somerset Railway.

33057 at Minehead awaiting departure with the 15.15 to Bishops Lydeard on the 17/07/2018

Steve Roberts

11/07/18   Double headed Greys

Departmental Grey pair 33103 and 33109 have been double headed at the East Lancashire Railway's Summer diesel Gala

04/07/18   33103 On The Move Again

33103 has been moved by road from the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway to Bury on the East Lancashire Railway.

22/06/18   33029 On Service Trains

33029 has started working on the Oxenholme to Windermere branch line. WCRC are running 3 coach shuttle trains, while Northern trains are in disarray. 33029 is currently working top and tail with 57316.

22/06/18   33207 Day Out

33207, with 37516, pulled the Scarborough Spa Express yesterday (21/06/18), between Carnforth and York. Southern pacific 35018, British India Line, took over at York.

07/06/18   33035 Off Again

33035 has been moved again, this time from it's home at the GCR(N) to the Wensleydale Railway. The duration of the visit is unknown.

24/03/18   33012 Sets Off

D6515 Has set off light engine from Swanage, heading for London Underground's Ruislip Depot. This is in conjunction with the Purbeck Explorer tour on 10th May, which will see 33012 transfering the 4TC set to Swanage for the Diesel Gala. It will also be performing a Metropolitan line railtour on 29th March, along with a pair of Class 20s.

01/04/18   33029 Is Back

33029 in back in active service with WCRC. It has been out of action since 2015. This means that WCRC has three of it's four Cromptons in service.

19/03/18   33035 Goes Visiting

33035 has visited the Mid Norfolk Railway for their Spring Diesel Gala from the 16th to 18th March. It was towed from GCRN, with 45060 by 66743 on 15th March. It was returned this Monday, pulled by 66773.

18/03/18   Change of colour for 33103

33103 has appeared in a new livery during the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway's Diesel Weekend. It is now in Departmental Grey, but still carries it's Swordfish nameplates.

08/09/17   Double Headed Cromptons

33025 fresh back from it's stint on the Wareham - Swanage trains, has had more mainline action. On 7th September, it joined up with WCRC partner 33207 to haul the diesel portion of the Scarborough Spa Express, between Carnforth and York.

04/07/17   Crompton to Travel Overseas

33202 will visit the Isle of Wight Steam Railway gala being help 29th September to 1st October.

02/07/17   33002 heads North

South Devon Railway's based D6501 visited Butterley for their mixed traffic event held on the 8th - 9th July.

25/07/17   Swanage Cromptons

WCRC 33025 and 37518 have been sharing Wareham to Swanage trains with resident 33012 (D6515). In addition, a shunting accident has left the railway without any serviceable steam locos, this means that 33111 is also in daily action on the steam diagrams.

20/06/17   33035 at GCR(N)

33035 has arrived at the Great Central North ready for it's Diesel Gala on 1st and 2nd July. Also appearing will be 41001, 47292, 47765, 45060, 47828, 56097, and 73110.

12/06/17   Crompton on TV

33012 / D6515 was the star of a 5 minute feature on "The One Show" tonight. It was in relation to the Swanage - Wareham shuttles which start tomorrow.

WCRC are supplying 33025, a class 37, and 4 coaches for the shuttles. They journeyed south from Carforth today, with 37518 leading. 33012 will hopefully appear on some of the shuttle trains.

09/03/17   Class 33 Driving Experience

The Swanage Railway are: "Offering the rare opportunity to drive one of our resident Class 33's from Norden on to our newly restored 3 mile 'Furzebrook Branch' to the Network Rail Boundary at River Frome. Starting at Norden Station, you will drive one of our homefleet Class 33 locomotives to River Frome, the boundary with Network Rail. Your experience will last approximately 30 minutes."

The dates are Friday 3rd May to Sunday 5th May. The cost is 120.

18/11/16   33102 on the Road

33102 From the Churnet Valley Railway has been taken to Leeds Midland Road for tyre turning.

07/10/16   33207 on Railtour

33207 top and tailed with 37668 on the Branch Line Societies "Cliffe Hopper" which visited Cliffe Vale and Rugeley Power Station.

05/09/16   33025 Taken back to HQ

33025 has moved from it's long time home of Southall to the WCRC base at Carnforth. It was pulled, along with 37685, by 33207. Although it is externally tatty, it is believed that some work has been done internally.

05/08/16   33053 Returns Home

33053 has returned to the Mid-Hants Railway after lengthy repairs at the Battfield Line.

01/08/16   Gala Moves

33109 was transfered from Bury to the Bo'ness and back for their Summer Diesel Gala 22-24 July, the return move being behind 47237.

33057 was moved by road from the West Somerset Railway to the Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Railway for their Summer Heritage Diesel Spectacular 29-31 July.

16/06/16   33035 Still Travelling

On 7th June, 33035 and 50026 were pulled by 66710 from Didcot to Peterborough, they on their way to the North Norfolk Railway Diesel Gala. The pair returned from the North Norfolk to Peterborough on 14th June, before being returned to Barrow Hill on the 15th behind 66762.

26/05/16   33035 Continues on it's Tour

33035 has been towed from the Severn Valley Railway to Didcot to take part in it's Diesel Gala on 28th to 30st May. It was pulled by GBRf 66763.

16/05/16   33035 Outing

33035 has travelled to the Severn Valley railway in a convoy from Barrow Hill pulled by 66735. This is so it can take part in the SVR's Diesel Gala 19th to 21st May.

19/04/16   33012 Back Home

33012 has arrived back at the Swanage Railway after having it's axles replaced at Nemesis, Burton. It arrived by road this morning at the new Norden Road/Rail Facility. It should now be OK for the Swanage Diesel Gala in May.

02/04/16   WCRC Back in Action

After several months of no Crompton action on the mainline, the lifting of the ban on WCRC operations has meant that 33207 can move again. It did an empty stock move from Southall to Euston today.

13/12/15   33207 In Action

33207 has been in action moving 34067 Tanamere back to Southall.

18/11/15   33202 Moved Again

33202 has moved by road from the Epping and Ongar Railway to the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells.

14/11/15   33103 Moved to Okehampton

31601 has taken 33103, 45060 and 47701 to the Dartmoor Railway at Okehampton. This is for use on their Polar Express trains.

12/11/15   33207 Returns

WCRC's 33207 has been on test to Hellifield from it's Carnforth base. It is the first mainline Crompton move since all the WCRC 33s were put in the AWCX pool in May.

27/10/15   Pool Changes

33008 and 33053 have changed TOPS pool codes, they have changed from MBDL to UKRM. The two locos are owned by Edward Stevenson, who is one of the owners of UK Rail Leasing.

17/09/15   33202 Moves to Essex

33202 has been moved by road to the Epping and Ongar Railway's Diesel Gala on 19th & 20th September.

07/09/15   33012 Heads North

33012 has been moved by road to Nemesis Rail Burton. It will have replacement axles fitted.

19/08/15   33008 Moved To Somerset

33008 has been moved by road to Cranmore Traincare on the East Somerset Railway. It is anticipated that will undergo bodywork repairs.

30/05/15   33103 Moved Again

33103 has been taken from Burton by road to Wirksworth. This for the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Diesel Weekend on 6th and 7th June.

21/05/15   WCRC Locos Stored

All West Coast Cromptons have now been stored, so with 33012 currently side-lined there are currently no main line Class 33s. The WCRC locos are now in the AWCX pool, with 33025 at Southall, and 33029, 33030 & 33207 at Carnforth.

20/04/15   33012 and 33111 Out of Swanage Gala

33012 a problem has with it's recently fitted new axles and will not work at the Swanage Railway Gala. 33111 is also side-lined with body repairs. This means that 33201 will be the only working Crompton at the Gala.

25/02/15   33029 Move

33029 was in a loco convoy hauled from Southall to the WCRC main depot at Carnforth.

03/02/15   33103 Back to Burton

33103 and 47701 have returned to Burton from the Dartmoor Railway hauled by 31601.

07/01/15   33201 in Dorset

33201 has been moved by lorry to the Swanage Railway. The loco has been recently repainted into BR Blue. It will initially stay for a year's lease, but it may be extended.

25/10/14   33103 Moved to Dartmoor

33103 was towed from Burton to the Dartmoor Railway by 31601 yesterday and today, with an overnight layover in Taunton. It will join 47701 and 50026 on Polar Express duties in the coming weeks.

24/10/14   Christmas Crompton Action

Due to all the DMUs being under overhaul at Eastleigh Works, 33012 and 33111 will top and tail all the Diesel Shuttle trains running at the Swnage Railway from 29th Novemeber to 24th December.

15/10/14   33035 Moved to Barrow Hill

After visting the Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala in September, 33035 was moved by rail to Barrow Hill. It will spent the winter there, and receive some maintenance.

18/09/14   D6515 Moves DMUs To Eastleigh Works

A 3 car class 117 and a single car class 121 were moved from Swanage to Eastleigh Works by 33012. They are being overhauled ready for mainline running into Wareham station in 2016.

05/07/14   Crompton At Three Bridges

D6515 hauled a return charter from Weymouth to Three Bridges.

12/06/14   New Name for D6515

33012 / D6515 has been named "Lt Jenny Lewis" in a ceremony at Swanage station. Lt Lewis was a Lynx helicopter pilot for the Royal Navy. She sadly died in 2002 after her helicopter suffered a double engine failure during a flight from a US Navy base at Norfolk, Virginia.

11/05/14   33029 Takes It Back

The return working for London Transports 4TC set from Swanage to Ealing Broadway was undertaken by 33029. As on the outward run, passengers were carried, this time the trip was called "Purbeck Explorer 2".

07/05/14   33029 On TC Stock

West Coast's 33029 worked London Transports 4TC set from Ealing Broadway to the Swanage Railway for it's Diesel Gala. Passengers were carried on this trip, which was called "Purbeck Explorer 1".

07/05/14   D6515 Back To Swanage

After the completion of work at Eastleigh Works, D6515 hauled a loco convoy for the Swanage Railway Diesel Gala. The locos concerned were 50026, 50031 and 73207

21/03/14   33103 In Passenger Action at Bluebell

33103, which has been working engineering trains on the Bluebell Railway, was involved in a hastily arranged "Disel Do", along with 09018 and Class 101 / 108 hybrid DMU.

31/01/14   New Home And Owner For 33018

The owner of 33202 has now aquired 33018, and it has been moved from Burton to Mangapps Railway Museum, Essex.

29/11/13   Crompton Steam Rescue

33029 brought down the ECS for a steam special from Poole on Wednesday 29th, but was left in Poole sidings for the steam trip to Batb. The Black 5 failed to make the bank up from Parkstone to Branksome, and 33029 was called up to rescue it. It then stayed on the back of the train all day, and then took the empty stock back to Southall on the Friday.

27/10/13   Crompton Moves

33018 has moved by road from Burton to Mangapps Farm. Whilst 33202 from Mangapps Farm, which has been on a visit to the Epping To Ongar line, has moved to Swanage. This is to cover for 33111, which requires some maintenance, until 33012 returns from Eastleigh Works.

23/11/13   New Heljan Models

In a surprise at the Warley Model Railway Show, Heljan have announced new more detailed body mouldings for 33/0 locomtives. This corrects the previous dodgy roof shape, and introduces early and later exhaust styles. The models will be availiable in early 2014. See the Models page

05/10/13   33103 Out Again

33103 is still performing on the Bluebell Railway due to lack of servicable steam locos, e even though the spoil trains it was hired for have finished.

04/10/13   33029 Out Again

33029 led the 5Z45 Alton- Southall ECS today. This was for a steam tour with 70000 Britannia.

08/07/13   33046 Moved too

33046 has moved to the East Lancs Railway from Burton, but sadly not for preservation. It is for spares recovery to be provide parts for 33109 and 33117, it will then be scrapped.

01/07/13   Move for 33201

33201 has been moved from Swanwick at the Midland Railway Centre to Boden Rail at Washwood Heath. This is the former Metropolitan Cammell site. 33201 will be repaired there.

23/05/13   Big load for Cromptons

33207 + 33029 Worked northbound ECS 5Z43 Southall to Boness via Carnforth. There were 17 coaches as far as Carnforth.

07/05/13   Another WCRC Crompton Working

33207 + 33029 Worked southbound ECS 5Z42 Carnforth to Southall via West Coast Mainline.

29/04/13   Crompton ECS Working

33029 + 33207 Worked ECS working 5Z57 Southall to Carnforth via the West Coast Mainline with 11 coaches.

15/04/13   Crompton Trips on the Bluebell

Crompton runs on 29th June 2013, from the Bluebell website: "Additional trains hauled by the Class 33 Diesel Locomotive Number 33103 Swordfish departing Sheffield Park at 10.20, 12.50 and 3.20 or from East Grinstead 11.23, 1.53 and 4.23. If you would to book on to the first Class 33 hauled train departing Sheffield Park at 10.20 seats can be reserved at 2.50 per person. Call into the Sales & Information Office at Sheffield Park or the Travel Centre at East Grinstead or call us on 01825 720800."

03/04/13   Ecclesbourne Crompton In Trouble

33035 has suffered an ETH Genearator flashover on the EVR. The loco has been taken out of service until the generator has returned from repair.

12/03/13   Crompton Running Days at Swanage in April

The Swanage Railway advertised Green timetable Diesel services will be formed of 33111 and 4 coaches during the period 4th - 14th April 2013.

21/02/13   33029 Day Out

33029 has been working a Network Rail SITT (Snow and Ice Treatment Train) today. It was top and tailing with 37516 on a Tonbridge West - Hastings - Tonbridge West working.

31/01/13   33034 Gone

Sadly, 33034 can now be declared dead. It has been cut in half at Norden on the Swanage Railway.

25/01/13   33103 Off To Bluebell

33103 has left the Weardale Railway to return to it's base at Burton. It is soon to leave Burton again and head to the Bluebell Railway, on a lease deal, to power spoil trains from the line's extension works.

17/01/13   WCRC Crompton Action

WCRC Crompton have new pool allocations, the active pair 33025 & 33207 being in AWCA; the stored pair 33029 & 33030 being in AWCX. Despite 33029 being in the stored pool, it has been used for snow problem standby duties at Carlisle. 33025 & 33207 are also on snow standby at Southall.

14/01/13   Pullman Stock Moves

33207 has been hauling VSOE Pullman coaches from their base at Stewarts Lane Depot to Selhurst. This is for tyre turning.

24/11/12   33012 Axle Problems

The repair of 33012 axleboxes at Eastleigh Works has hit a major problem. The axles and bearings were sent to LH Group, who discovered historic damage to the bearing journals of the axles. To keep 33012 on the mainline, new axles will be required. This will take the repair bill to around 40,000. See for full details.

22/11/12   33207 Stock Moves

33207 briefly returned to Southern metals today working WCRC charter stock coaches to Eastleigh.

10/10/12   33108 Movement

33108 has been moved from the Severn Valley Railway to Barrow Hill, in a convoy hauled by 31601.

03/10/12   Churnet Valley Cromptons

33021 is currently in service, and has now been joined by 33102, back after overhall. 33021 now sports a yellow cab with black window surrounds, as formerley carried by 33012.

18/09/12   33108 Returns Home

Following a visit for the North York Moors diesel event, 33108 has returned to Barrow Hill. It was in a convoy of locos hauled by 55022.

29/08/12   33029 Back In Action

The WCRC Crompton, 33029 was back in mainline action today. It worked an empty stock move with 33025 from Carnforth to Southall.

06/07/12   33012 Rescue

33012 was moved by road from Burton to Southampton Docks after it's axle problems in May. It was top and tailed today by 57303 and 66744 in a move to Eastleigh Works.

04/07/12   33207 Convoy

WCRC 33207 has hauled 37275, 55002, and 55009 from Barrow Hill to the East Lancashire Railway. This is in conjunction with their Summer Diesel Gala.

27/06/12   33103 Heads North

33103 has been moved from Burton to the Weardale Railway by 56311.

16/05/12   West Somerset Crompton Diagrams

The planned diagrams for the pair of Class 33's in care of the Diesel and Electric Preservation Group during the West Somerset Railway's Mixed Traction Weekend (June 15th to 17th) have been announced and are as follows, including a fair amount of Class 33 double heading.

For D6566:

Friday June 15th: 0800 Goods from Minehead, then passenger as follows:- 1145 from Bishops Lydeard, 1345 from Minehead, 1545 from Bishops Lydeard and 1745 from Minehead. Saturday 16th June: 0900 from Bishops Lydeard and 1700 from Minehead. Sunday 17th June: 1645 from Bishops Lydeard.

For D6575:

Friday 15th June: 1145 from Bishops Lydeard (the THIS IS IT return to passenger.working after the heavy overhaul and restoration), 1345 from Minehead, 1545 from Bishops Lydeard and 1745 from Minehead. Saturday 16th June:- 0900 from Bishops Lydeard, 1045 from Minehead (with D1661), 1545 from Bishops Lydeard (with 73119), and 1745 from Minehead. Sunday 17th June:- 0900 from Bishops Lydeard (first "solo" trip after the overhaul) and the 1445 from Minehead (with 73119).

15/05/12   KWVR Heritage Diesel Gala

33103 will be attending the Keighly & Worth Valley Railway's gala on the 25th to 27th of May. 33012 was due at this event, but it is still at Burton with axle-box problems, so will not now be attending.

13/05/12   West Somerset Railway News

33057, now repainted into green livery and numbered back to D6575 was out and about on the West Somerset Railway on May 12th. Running in company with Class 47 D1661 "North Star", the locomotive was taking part in some more trialling ahead of its planned return to passenger traffic after overhaul. This is planned to take place during the WSR's Mixed Traction Weekend of June 15th to 17th. Also on the 12th D6566 was in WSR action heading the heritage freight train during a Diesel Experience Course. More information about the Mixed Traction Weekend can be found at

09/05/12   33012 In Trouble

33012 came to grief at Sheet Stores Junction on it's way to Barrow Hill. It was due to collect locos for the Swanage Diesel Gala, when it had problems with a hot running axle-box. It eventually made it as far as Burton, where it now remains.

12/04/12   33002 To Visit Loughborough

33002 from the Dart Valley is to spend a couple of moneths at the Great Central Railaway. It will appear at their May and June Gala events.

24/03/12   33108 Tarted Up

33108 has gained white window surrounds at Barrow Hill.

08/03/12   33012 at KWVR Gala

33012 will be moving locos from Dartmoor, Cardiff and Dean Forest to the Keighly and Worth Valley Railway's Diesel Gala being held 25th to 27th May. It will then appear in the Gala itself.

28/02/12   33103 Moves On

33103, which has been on hire to the Swanage Railway for the last couple of years to cover for 33012's absence at Eastleigh Works, has been moved. It was driven under it's own power to Norden, where it was taken by road to the Nemesis base at Burton on Trent.

01/10/11   33012 Mainline Outing

33012 made it's first mainline trip since it's overhaul and mainline certification on Wednesday 14th September. It went to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway by way of Stewarts Lane, Barrow Hill and the NRM York, picking up locos for the gala along the way. During the weekend it worked trips to Pickering, Whitby, and Battersby. It returned to Swanage on Tuesday 20th September.

17/09/11   33018 Moved

33018 is reported to have been moved from Butterley to the Nemesis depot in Burton.

15/08/11   33012 Railtour?

D6515 may be lined up for a railtour on Sunday 6th November, with UK Railtours. The route is still being sorted but will probably be from London to Ashford, and the Hastings Line.

14/08/11   33035 at Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

33035 arrived at Wirksworth on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway on Friday 12th July.

25/07/11   33021 News

33021 is still on the Churnet Valley Railway where it is booked to stay until 2012. It was named 'Captain Charles' on Sat 23rd July. It has now been allocated to CN 'Cheddleton' to reflect its current location, but remains on the Nemesis pool code for the time being.

08/05/11   Swanage Diesel Gala

Sadly 33035 did not make the Gala, it developed a hot box on it's trip in the convoy from Barrow Hill to Swanage. It was dropped off at Soho EMU depot in Birmingham. 33012 was there though and looked and sounded superb after it's overhaul. 33103 was also in action, but 33111 is still sat in the headshunt at Swanage.

26/04/11   33057 Returns To WSR

33057 moved from Cranmore on 20/04/11 back to tWilliton on the West Somerset Railway. It has had extensive bodywork repairs and is now in BR Green. It is not a runner as yet. See story here.

31/03/11   33012 Nearly Finished

The overhaul of 33012 at Eastleigh Works has been virtually completed. It is due to return to Swanage with one of the Diesel Gala convoys.

18/12/10   33207 Breaks New Ground

33207 has been on snow clearing duties between Manchester Picadilly and Kirkby. It is believed to be the first time a Crompton has been on that route.

09/12/10   33057 Restoration Update

33057 has had all external bodywork repairs completed and is now having repaires to the floor in No. 1 end cab. Once the weather inproves, final painting, varnishing and numbering we be carried with the loco returning via tyre-turning, to the WSR at the end of Feb 2011.

08/12/10   33207 To the Rescue

33207 is heading from Carnforth to the West Highlands to help out with stricken 37685.

18/11/10   33021 Still on CVR

33021 is still at the Churnet Valley Railway, being used by Moorlands and City Railway for driver training on their new extension. It operated on the opening weekend covering a steam diagram. It is expected to operate on this weekends mixed traffic gala and the diesel weekend at the end of November, returning to Tyseley for further restoration work.

15/11/10   33207 Reaches Eastleigh

WCRC 33207 and 37516 have travelled down to Eastleigh to collect 2 coaches.They then took them to Hotchley Hill on the Great Central Railway (North), before returning to Carnforth.

17/10/10   33021 Gets Around

33021 returned to Tyseley from Shackerstone on the 13th October. It has now moved again, this time to the Churnet Valley Railway for driver training on the Cauldon Lowe branch, which is re-opening soon.

16/09/10   Southern Weekend at Shackerstone

33021 has arrived at the Battlefield Line from Tyseley, and 33201 from Butterley, for the forthcoming Southern Weekend.

27/07/10   50th Anniversary Celebration

The oldest surving Crompton, 33002 will be celebrating 50 years of BRCW Type 3 locos, by running all day on Saturday 4th September. See

26/06/10   33207s Cambrian Holiday

On Friday 23rd July 2010, 33207 set off from Carnforth on its annual holiday on the Cambrian mainline where it will be the standby locomotive for this years steam hauled service. See

18/07/10   Wolverton Works Open Day

This event, which was to have invloved 33 action on the mainline, has been cancelled.

11/07/10   The Whitby Jet

On Saturday 10th July 2010, West Coast Railways in association with Spitfire Railtours ran a tour from York - Whitby and return using 33207 & 37676 in top and tail mode. This may be the only railtour this year.

30/06/10   33012 Progress

The 71A Locomtive Group are progressing well with the overhaul of 33012 at Eastleigh Works. The loco is re-wired and internally painted. The major work left is the re-assembley of the bogies, and their placing under the loco.

29/5/10   33057 Repairs

33057 has arrived at Cranmore on the East Somerset Railway for bodywork repairs prior to returning to the West Somerset Railway

26/05/10   Wolverton Works Open Day

There will be limited Crompton mainline running for the recently announced open day to be held on 14th and 15th of August. A class 33 will be on the shuttle from Milton Keynes to the works.

02/04/10   33008 Progress

33008 has been undergoing body work repairs at Shackerstone. It is hoped the loco will be started up fairly soon.

31/03/10   33208 Move

33208 has moved to Shackerstone for Traction motor repairs by HTRS. 33053 continues to deputise at the Mid Hants Railway

12/03/10   33057 at Loughborough

33057 has been moved to Brush by road to have various electrical jobs undertaken, including a traction motor change. Once complete, it will move to the East Somerset Railway for body work repairs.

09/02/10   33109 on the Metro

33109 worked onto the Manchester Metrolink system from the East Lancs on engineering trains on Saturday 6th February. This was due to the failure of booked 37418.

01/02/10   Cromptons at Half-Term

The Swanage Railway "Half-Term Family Fun Week", will feature 33111 from Saturday 13th Feb to Wednesday 17th Feb, and 33108 from Thursday 18th Feb to Sunday 21st Feb. Should be 5 round trips per day.

05/01/10   33207 on Snow Clearing Duties

33207 was due to run from Carnforth to Motherwell for snow duties in Scotland.