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33057   D6575   "Seagull"


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Date Event Location / Notes
Nov1961 To traffic BRCW Works No. DEL179
Nov 1961 Allocated 73C, Hither Green
Dec 1973 Re-numbered 6575 to 33057
Nov 1985 Re-allocated Stewarts Lane
May 1990 Overhaul Eastleigh Works
Nov 1985 Re-allocated Eastleigh
Feb 1990 Withdrawn Eastleigh
Mar 1990 Re-instated Eastleigh
Sep 1991 Named "Seagull" Eastleigh Depot
May 1993 Re-allocated Stewarts Lane
May 1996 Fire Damage Coulsdon North
Feb 1997 Withdrawn Stewarts Lane
Mar 1997 Sold HNRC, Stewarts Lane
Apr 1998 Moved HNRC, Crewe
May 2000 Moved HNRC, Barrow Hill
Dec 2000 Sold to DRS DRS, MOD Smalmstown
Nov 2004 Sold HNRC, Smalmstown
Aug 2005 Sold Clive Burrows, West Somerset Railway
Mar 2010 Repairs Brush, Loughborough
May 2010 Repairs Cranmore, East Somerset Railway