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33109   D6525   "Captain Bill Smith RNR"


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Date Event Location / Notes
Oct 1960 To traffic BRCW Works No. DEL117
Oct 1960 Allocated Hither Green
Jul 1963 Re-allocated Eastleigh
Oct 1967 Push-Pull Fitted Eastleigh Works
Feb 1974 Re-numbered 6525 to 33109
Jun 1985 Overhaul Eastleigh Works
Jul 1993 Named "Captain Bill Smith RNR", Kensington Olympia
Feb 1997 Withdrawn Eastleigh
Mar 1997 Sold 71A Locomotives, Mid Hants Railway
??? 2003 Re-instated Ropley, Mid Hants Railway
??? 2004 Sold Fragonset, Derby
Aug 2006 Sold LNWR, Crewe
Feb 2007 Sold R. Hatton, Bury