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33205   D6590  


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Date Event Location / Notes
Feb 1962 To traffic BRCW Works No. DEL161
Feb 1962 Allocated Hither Green
Jul 1963 Re-allocated St. Leonards
Oct 1967 Re-allocated Hither Green
Oct 1970 Slow Speed Control fitted Eastleigh Works
Jan 1974 Re-numbered 6590 to 33205
Nov 1985 Re-allocated Stewarts Lane
Mar 1986 Overhaul Eastleigh Works
Sep 1987 Withdrawn Stewarts Lane
Dec 1987 Re-instated Stewarts Lane
Aug 1988 Re-numbered 33302
Oct 1988 Re-numbered 33205
Jul 1992 Withdrawn Stewarts Lane
Apr 2000 Sold HNRC, Old Oak Common
Dec 2000 Sold DRS, Old Oak Common
Dec 2002 Sold HNRC, Old Oak Common
Aug 2003 Cut HNRC, Barrow Hill