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This page contains the old news on the Class 33 Locomotives.

If you have any additions or corrections to make to this page, please let me know, see link at bottom of page.

33021 at Tysely

04/12/09   33025 Out and About

33025 has worked to Newtown in Scotland from Shrewsbury with Class 37 - 97304 on ERTMS braking trials. See pictures here.

21/09/09   33035 Started Up

33035 has been started up for the first time in preservation. It looks like there is still a lot work to do, see video here.

05/09/09   33207 on Railtour

33207 worked on a railtour from Worksop to Marylebone and back today. It top and tailed with 37516.

24/05/09   33116 works on Great Central

33116 has worked in push-pull mode with the restored 4BIG on the Great Central.

31/03/09   33103 arrives at Swanage

33103 has arrived on the Swanage Railway to cover for 33012 absence in Eastleigh Works.

08/02/09   33202 to the Farm

33202 has been sold and is to move from Gloucester to Mangapps Farm, Burnham on Crouch, Essex on Thursday or Friday.

15/01/09   33202 For Sale

Cotswold Rail have put 33202 up for sale. It is fully operational and mainline registered, but has no OTMR.

15/01/09   33103 could be going to Swanage

Because of 33012's absence from the Swanage Railway, it has been rumoured that 33103 which is currently at Barrow Hill, will hired to cover. 33103 is still mainline registered but has no OTMR, so it could not move south under it's own power.

14/01/09   33012 in the Works

33012 has been taken to Eastleigh works for an overhaul. It was towed from Furzebrook to Eastleigh by 73205. It is expected the work will take a year or so.

02/08/08   Double Headed Cromptons on the Mid Hants

Newly arrived 33053 ran 2 double headed trips from Arlesford to Medstead and back with resident D6593. The latter loco will be having major repairs carried out soon, hence the arrival of temporary replacement 33053.

21/07/08   Railtour Date Changed

Pathfinders Crewe to Weymouth tour has been moved to Saturday 23rd August. See here for more details.

20/07/08   33109 at Embsay

33109 visted the Emsay Steam Railway in Yorkshire for their Diesel Gala.

09/06/08   111 to the Sea

33111 has been moved to the Swanage Railway.

21/03/08   Railtour

Pathfinder are running a railtour on Saturday 17th May from Crewe to Weymouth. The tour is due to be hauled by 2 West Coast Cromptons. See here for more details.

18/02/08   33057 Started

33057 has been started up at the West Somerset Railway. This is the first time the loco has had it's motor started in 12 years. See here for more details.

16/02/08   33034 To Go

After the theft of copper and brass from this loco at Norden, it has been decided by the 71A group to scrap the the rest of it. See here for more details.

03/02/08   33109 Back

33109 has been in action on the East Lancashire Railway. It hauled it's first passenger trains since 2001. See pictures here.

31/01/08   Crompton Railtours Scheduled

Two railtours featuring 33s have been scheduled by Pathfinder. The first is called The Great Way Round, and is on Saturday 17th May, from the midlands to Weymouth. The second is on Saturday 4th October from, the midlands to Whitby.

29/01/08   33034 Suffers from Metal Theives

The tarpaulins covering 33034 at Norden on the Swanage Railway have been found removed, and large amount of the copper and brass pipework and removed.

28/01/08   33021

This loco has been dragged from Barrow Hill to Tyseley, reason unknown, possibly for tyre-turning

09/01/08   OTMR Status

As far as I am aware the status of the non-preserved Crompton fleet is as follows:
Loco Company Pool OTMR Heating Location Status
33019 Nemesis NRLS No OTMR ETH working Battlefield Line Active at preservation site
33021 Nemesis NRLS No OTMR ETH working Barrow Hill Active at preservation site
33025 WCRC MBDL OTMR Fitted No ETH Carnforth Active
33029 WCRC MBDL No OTMR No ETH Carnforth Waiting OTMR
33030 WCRC MBDL No OTMR No ETH Carnforth Stored
33103 Nemesis NRLO No OTMR ETH working Barrow Hill Waiting OTMR
33202 Cotswold Rail CRRH No OTMR ETH working Brush Waiting fire damage repairs
33207 WCRC MBDL No OTMR No ETH Carnforth Waiting OTMR

27/10/07   Captain Bill on his way back

33109 which has not worked for a few years now was started up at Bury yesterday. The loco is undergoing major repairs, and it is hoped it will be ready for an East Lancs Railway diesel diagram on the 2nd of February.

07/01/08   33025 In The South

33025 worked as support loco to King Arthur 4-6-0 30777 on a Railtour today. It was mostly on the rear of the train, but did lead on certain sections.

26/08/07   33110 Restoration

33110 is currently having a Major Body Repair and Repaint at Bodmin. It will entail the complete renewal of the Door Frames, patch body repair, and major cab front repairs. The internal roof gutter is also being attended to. When complete, a complete repaint in a new livery will be undertaken.

33110 Bodmin

23rd August 2007

Kevin Napper

25/08/07   33202 back in service

33202 now back in BR Blue has returned to service in the Cotswold Rail CRRH pool. One of it's first duties was the transfer of 43005 to Gloucester.

11/08/07   33202 to go blue

33202 arrived at the South Devon Railway earlier today for a repaint by Cotswold Staff and Devon Diesel Society members. It will return to the mainline in about 10 - 14 days time in British Rail blue. Photo is a last look at loco in FR black. Source: Andy Matthews

33202 South Devon Railway

11th August 2007

Andy Matthews

07/04/07   33046 Arrived at Midland Railway Centre

33046 has now been delivered to the Midland Railway Centre.

33046 Midland Railway Centre

7th April 2007

Martian (Rich)

30/03/07   33046 Sold Again

33046 has been sold to the owners of 33018 & 33201, and will be moved from Derby RTC to the Midland Railway Centre. It is now reported to be minus components including all traction motors. Presumably 33008 and 33053 will benefit from these.

18/03/07   Nemesis Rail

Three former Fragonset Cromptons have been allocated to new company Nemesis Rail operating pools. 33019 & 33021 to NRLS, and 33103 to NRLO.

18/02/07   33109 Changes hands

33109 has been sold by it's owners LNWR at Crewe to the owner of 33117. It will eventually be moved to Bury.

10/02/07   Reasons for the cutting up of 33203

Email received from Peter Jeal explaining the reason behind 33203s demise:

Reference 33203 which is featured briefly on your site. I would hate for people to think that I was responsible for cutting up this or any locomotive and this is certainly not the case although, as you correctly state, 33203 was cut up in May 2006 by my former business partner who I am intending to sue over the matter. I realise there may be parts of this information you may wish to edit, but I felt it may be of interest to you and others to explain a little of what had been planned for 33203 before its sad demise.

It had been purchased by me on behalf of the business I was to set up with my former business partner Sean O’Hagan of Newton Stewart and his brother Gerry O’Hagan of Manorhamilton, County Leitrim. The aim was to use 33203, which had already been stripped of its engine, as the centrepiece of a railway themed restaurant which was to be located in Newton Stewart’s former brick built engine shed which still survives – just. In late 2004, I approached O’Hagan who ran a small haulage and caravan business from the shed which is in a state of some disrepair to enquire about the possibility of buying or leasing it for use as a restaurant. He was enthusiastic about the idea, so much so, that he got his brother, a developer, over from Ireland to see whether they would wish to become involved in the project as a partnership. They did, and we agreed to move forward the project together with Gerry carrying out the necessary works to the engine shed which is some 140 foot long and 40 foot wide.

The original plan was to have two dining cars situated inside the building and a further dining car outside, all connected. However, this was changed to the two inside the building and a locomotive at the front to create an eye-catching attention grabber for passing traffic using the A75 Gretna to Stranraer Euroroute. These carriages which had not been acquired at this point, would have formed the restaurant. The remaining floorspace would have incorporated a bar and open-plan kitchen above which would have been two upper floor seating areas overlooking the carriages and joined together with a passenger footbridge style gangway with stairs descending on either side of the bar itself. The roof of the shed has spectacular beams. We had looked at the possibility of acquiring a Stanier steam loco from Baghdad, but the war posed a real issue on both cost and safety grounds even though the loco was in perfect condition (Iraqi’s would not have dared to vandalise or strip it under the old regime).

Then we heard about 33203 which was stored at MOD Longtown some 70 miles away. It was due to be cleared along with other locos from the site and although we had not intended to purchase an engine at this point, its proximity to Newton Stewart and the fact that it had no engine were actually an advantage for us as the intention was to use the interior of the locomotive as an office for the restaurant, the front cab being restored and accessed from one of driver’s cab doors from a children’s play/ beer garden area for use by children to pretend to be train drivers in!

The loco would have been restored to its 1960s BR green livery and would have carried the old style Brtitish Railways Lion roundels which I still have in my possession. Once the restaurant had been opened, the aim was to floodlight the loco and the front of the engine shed. Above the loco would have been gantry signals for added effect. A business plan had been drawn up and local councillors were very keen on the project as it was seen as desperately needed to boost economic regeneration in the area and would have encouraged visitors from all over SW Scotland on a regular basis and additional tourist footfall to Galloway.

Sadly however, I introduced O’Hagan to John Sellars, a planning consultant who had recently moved to the area and was a neighbour to assist O’Hagan in getting planning permission for a holiday park on another piece of land he owned. Unfortunately, between them, they ditched the restaurant plan without telling me, cut me out of the loop and did the dirty so to speak going on to form a property development company between them. In the meantime, O’Hagan had been conducting an affair with my then partner,into the bargain.

O’Hagan then wanted me to pay rent for storing 33203 which of course I refused to do and he then proceeded to have a contractor cut the loco up on site. I got wind of this and called the police to attend O’Hagan’s yard and a stop was put to further cutting of the engine and the contractors left. However, they had cut one side panel off and the loco was now beyond repair.

Eventually, in May, whilst I was out of town, O’Hagan finished the cutting of 33203. I am now in the process of sueing him for recovery of his share of the purchase cost and that of his brother, together with any monies he received from the scrap value. I will keep you updated on that if you wish.

06/02/07   Fragonset Fallout and 33046 sale (Updated)

FM Rail have effectively ceased to be. The status of the Cromptons that had anything to do with Fragonset / FM Rail is as follows:

33019 - Sold to Martin Sargent. Stored at Battlefield Line

33021 - Sold to Martin Sargent. Stored at Derby RTC

33046 - Sold to Edward Stevenson, owner of 33008 and 33053

33103 - Privately owned. Stored at Derby RTC

33109 - Owned by LNWR. Stored at LNWR Crewe

33202 - Now owned by Cotswold Rail. Operational at Gloucester

14/11/06   Crompton to visit the Nene Valley

Next years Nene Valley Railway Spring Diesel Gala on 3rd & 4th March should see the 33063 visiting from Tunbridge Wells. See

19/10/06   Namings

Two of the WCRC locos have been named recently. 33025 (ex Sultan) is now Glen Falloch, and 33029 in now Glen Loy.


Steve Kemp

27/07/06   Another One Scrapped

33056 has been scrapped at Booths. These leaves just 30 Cromptons, 5 Active, 5 Stored, and 20 Preserved.

33056 Booths Scrapyard



14/07/06   Scrapping

33203 has been cut up sometime in the last couple of months, it was part of the failed restaurant scheme at Newton Stewart in Scotland. 33056 has been sent to Booths for scrapping.

01/04/06   33053 News

Class 33 33053 has been purchased by the D5581 Group based at the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway. Now that HNRC have finished the repaint it will move south soon & the overhaul of the mechanical side will start. The loco may be on display for a short time before this starts. Source: Richard Floyd - D5581 Group

11/03/06  West Somerset Cromptons

33057 was moved to Minehead in late February and the following information has been supplied by the owner, Mr C. Burrows:

First priority has been to make 33057 mobile and to complete its external restoration. A number of components are damaged or missing and replacements are being obtained. One of the greatest challenges is likely to be obtaining a replacement turbocharger. I have stipulated that any components that are borrowed from 33057 to keep 33048 operational can only be removed on the basis that the future restoration of 33057 to full working order must not be precluded and replacement components must be returned to 33057 as quickly as possible.
33057 was withdrawn after it suffered fire damage resulting from dragging brakes. Several power cables need to be replaced following the fire damage, which will require lifting and considerable resources. Consequently, the return of 33057 to full working order is likely to be a longer term project as priority must be given to returning the D&EPG's D7018 to full working order and repairs to other members of the active fleet.

15/02/06   33008 & 33021

33008 has been moved to Shackerstone, and will be repaired there instead of at Brush. 33021 is up for sale for around £25,000, but it has dodgy engine bearings.

30/01/06   Railtours

Two railtours with probable Crompton haulage in the near future. 31/03/06 Peterborough to Barmouth with Also 29/04/06 Swindon to Aberystwyth with

18/11/05   Another One Gone

33023 Has been cut up at Kingsbury. It last ran in around 1994 and was stored at Stewarts Lane in January 1995. 33203 may also have been cut, as the restaurant it was supposed to be part of did not get planning permission.

01/11/05   33021 to Return?

There has been some unconfirmed reports that 33021 has been fitted with TPWS and will return to the main line.

05/10/05   The Real Eastleigh

33008 had been reported as having arrived at the Northampton and Lamport Railway at Pitsford and Brampton. However, it didn't arrive, and is now reported to being going to Brush at Loughborough.

20/09/05   33116

33116 owned by the NRM is now a runner after many years stored out of use. It worked numerous trips on the Great Central Railway at the weekend. It is still painted in a very tatty blue

18/09/05   DRS Cromptons

All four of the DRS locos, 33025, 33029, 33030, 33207 have been exchanged by DRS with WCRC for 2 class 37s. 33207 led the convoy from Kingmoor to Carnforth. WCRC are West Coast Railway Company, they operate charters and steam tours.

10/09/05   Railtour

33202 and 33103 successfully hauled a railtour from Sailsbury to Crewe and back today. There were problems with the empty stock move of the Crewe Crusader, which meant an hour late arrival at Salisbury. 33103 would not start, until the 71A team came to the rescue. The locos ran extremely well for the rest of the day, and time was made up.

24/08/05   Various bits

33030 has been stored by DRS and put in the XHSS pool, this is due to engine problems. 33053 has been moved to Barrow Hill. 33203 moved to Scotland, but it has been reported the restaurant did not get planning permission, and may be resold to HNRC. 33057 has been sold and will move to Williton on the West Somerset Railway for use as a spares donor for 33048.

13/06/05   33008 Saved at last

33008 has been acquired by Edward Stevenson (owner of 56045 & 56124) from HNRC. It is still at MOD Smalmstown, where it will swap bogies with 33203 which still has traction motors.

10/05/05   33108 Moves to Dorset

33108 arrived at the Swanage Railway by road from FM Derby, and entered service immediately.

33108 outside Swanage Goods Shed 22/05/05

Jon Biglowe

29/04/05   33116 Moves

33116 which is owned by the National Railway Museum, has been moved by road to the Great Central Railway in Loughborough, it is to be cared for by the 5305 Locomotive Association, which also maintains Black Five 5305, King Arthur 777, and Peak D123.

28/04/05   33029 is Back

DRS owned 33029 has at last completed it's overhaul at Fragonset Derby. It was collected by 33207 for transfer to it's new base at Carlisle Kingmoor. It now joins 33025/30/207 in the XHSD pool (DRS Class 20/33/37/47).

28/04/05   Another Crompton to be scrapped

33056 owned by the North Staffordshire Diesel Group is to be scrapped shortly. Is is in poor condition and has mainly been used as a source of spares for 33102.

18/04/05   HNRC Cromptons Update

At last some more positive news on the scrap threatened Cromptons. 33203 has been obtained for restoration and use as centrepiece for new railway restaurant in a former engine shed at Newton Stewart, Southern Scotland. Anyone interested in more info call Peter Jeal on 01671 402417. 33008 has supposedly been bought for restoration on a railway in the midlands, it may swap bogies with 33203. It has also been reported that 33053 has been sold for preservation.

17/04/05   Bagpipe for Swanage

33108 which has been under the care of Fragonset in recent years, is to move to Swanage. It has not moved on the mainline since 2003 because it is not TPWS fitted. It's owners, the Class 33/1 Preservation Group, will repaint it into BR Blue.

21/03/05   33207

DRS loco 33207 has returned to use after more than a year out of action. It headed a Kingmoor to Hamilton freight today. Meanwhile 33029 has yet to be released from Fragonset Derby, it's overhaul has now taken more than 3 years!

15/03/05   HNRC Cromptons

It seems as if there as been no serious interest for 33008/53/57/203. The engines from these locos have been offered for sale at around £15000 each. With the current high steel prices, It looks like the locos will be scrapped soon.

25/01/05   33002 Off to Devon

33002 has been obtained by South Devon Diesel Traction Ltd, and has arrived at Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway for preservation. See their website at

14/12/04   Cromptons for Sale

It has been reported on the PreservedDiesels website that HNRC has obtained 33002, 33008, 33053, 33057, & 33203. The are being made available to preservationists. Please contact Martin Ashworth on 07798 916115 before 31/1/05. If anyone is interested in saving 33008, please contact me (webmaster at, as I will chip in a few pounds!

28/11/04   Swanage Diesel Day

33012 worked passengers services from Swanage to Norden. 33034 has been moved from Norden to sidings in the section beyond Norden towards Wareham. This is to free up space so work on 33012 can be carried out this winter.

D6515 (33012) at Corfe Castle 28/11/04

Jon Biglowe

02/11/04   Shakerstone 33019

This loco will be working an all day charter service for Crompton followers from 9.30am on Saturday 6th November, on the Battlefield line.

22/10/04   DRS Cromptons

33030 caught fire between Weaver Junction and Runcorn when working with 33025, it had to be rescued by 57302. It has now returned to Kingmoor, where the damage is not thought to be too bad. 33207 has had new windows fitted, but is still not back on the main line. 33029 is still at Fragonset.

07/08/04   Spa Valley Railway Gala

To take advantage of the SELG 33s being swapped over, the Spa Valley railway held a Southern Diesels Gala Weekend. 33063, which has been at Tunbridge Wells since 2003, will be returning to the East Kent Railway, 33065 will take it's place at the SVR. There were runs of both Cromptons in various combinations with 73140 all weekend. Also running were 09004, Class 10 D3489 and unique Bulleid Class 12 15224.

33065 Sealion & 33063 7/8/04 at Tunbridge Wells West

Jon Biglowe

09/07/04   Fragonset Cromptons

Both mainline working Fragonset Cromptons were working today. 33103 performed ECS, and positioning moves for the Steam Dreams railtour from London to Weymouth and return. 33202 took 73204 and 73205 from Alton to Barrow Hill.

04/07/04   33019 given a run

33019 made it's first run on the Battlefield line, with a return trip down the line on the evening of the 4th July.

24/06/04   Change of location for 33019

33019 has been moved by road from Derby to Shakerstone on the Battlefield line. It is keeping company with 2 other Fragonset machines 73105 & 73114.

01/05/04   Cromptons to Derbyshire

33103 and 33202 worked the Pathfinder Buxton Rotator railtour today. See the Railtours page for more details, and pictures.

19/04/04   DRS Workings

33025 and 33030 are the regular pair in traffic, and are double headed frequently on the Tuesday and Friday Sellafied to Sanbach and Folly Lane tank trains. 33207 has not been seen on the mainline since December, it is believed to be at Carlisle Kingmoor waiting for a replacement windscreen. 33029 is still waiting at Fragonset Derby for overhauled bogies.

29/03/04   KWVR Diesel Gala

This event being held on the 19th and 20th June is due to feature a DRS 33, and 33111 from Barrow Hill.

25/03/04   33108 and 33202 Out and about

These Cromptons are the only Fragonset operated 33s that have TPWS fitted, and so consequently are the only ones to have operated this year. They have been involved in stock moves between Fragonset Derby, and their store a Meldon Quarry. They may also haul a railtour to Canterbury in the near future, due to no TPWS on the rostered 50.

14/02/04   Railtour Disappointment

The Tyneside Valentine Railtour on 14th February from Cardiff to York, was not hauled by 33s today. This was due to the last minute fitting of TPWS on 33108 and 33202. They were actually both fitted by the Friday, but a turbo problem with 103 meant they were not able to collect the ECS in time. EWS substituted them with their own loco 47635, which worked the tour. The other 2 Fragonset runnable Cromptons have not been fitted with TPWS, and thus are not able to run on the main line.

21/01/04   Crompton Railtours

There are two railtours featuring 33s in the near future, The Tyneside Valentine on 14th February from Cardiff to York, and a Snowdonia trip on 19th June from Swindon to Holyhead. Both trips are organised by Pathfinder Tours. There is however some doubt about the use of Cromptons on the first trip, as no Fragonset 33s are yet fitted with TPWS.

15/11/03   33111 back to life

33111 was started for the first time in preservation at Barrow Hill today.

02/11/03   Fragonset Cromptons on hire again

33021/33103/33108 are now on hire to EWS based at Hither Green. This is for engineering work in north London, with 33021 and 33103 today working a Kentish Town to Cricklewood train. 33202 may join the other 3 after repairs, the hire period is believed to be up until Christmas

03/10/03   33026 and 33051 bite the dust

These 2 Cromptons which have been sitting at Eastleigh Depot since 1998 have just been scrapped. 33026 was cut in the last week of September, and 33051 has been cut in the first week of  October.

25/09/03   Fragonset SWT Cromptons

The Cromptons have now finished their SWT / Siemens work, this is due to the imminent start of the 450 Desiro units in limited service, and the switching on of the juice at Northam depot. 33202 has a shifted tyre and has returned to Derby. 33103 and 33108 are now said to be hired to Merlin for use on railtours (they mainly run steam trips). There is some hope that SWT will hire Fragonset 33s again as standby locos based at Woking and somewhere on the Portsmouth line (with 73109 based at Waterloo).

33202 deputising for steam on 23rd August 2003 on a railtour to Weymouth, heading through Poole.

Jon Biglowe

12/08/03   33025 & 33046 Update

33025 is at Glasgow Springfield Works for an unclassifed repair. 33046 has arrived at Derby Fragonset to have it's engine refitted.

01/08/03   33205 On it's way out

33205 has taken by road to Barrow Hill for final spares removal and scrapping. Source End Of The Line. Update: Cut up 7th August.

12/07/03   33030 In Trouble

DRS 33030 has now been moved back to Carlisle Kingmoor following traction motor failure at Sellafield in early June. Source David Robinson.

07/07/03   33202 More News

33202 is currently on hire to EWS for engineering work in the Farringdon/Blackfriars area. A driver familiarisation trip took place yesterday with 33202 working light from Hither Green to Hoo Junction via Paddock Wood and returning with ten engineers wagons. Source Dave Fry.

04/06/03   33202 Update

33202 has now returned to Fragonset Derby to have replacement wheelsets fitted. It is not known if it will return to Bournemouth, or be replaced by one of the other Fragonset  Cromptons i.e. 33019 or 33046.

03/06/03   33202 / 33111 news

33202 has wheel/axle problems and is currently out of use at Bournemouth Depot. Source: Ozz Scot

33111 has been refitted with it's overhauled power unit at Barrow Hill today. It is hoped it will return to service later this year. Source: Clive Muspratt.

31/05/03   33063 on loan to Spa Valley

33 063 is being loaned to the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells, to take part in their forthcoming Diesel Gala on 9th/10th August and will remain at the railway to also take part in the Steam & Diesel Gala on 11th/12th October. he locomotive is currently receiving a fresh coat of BR Blue for the occasion and will move by road from the East Kent some time in early July. See South East Locomotive Group web site for more info.

23/05/03   33201 Returns South

33201 visited the Mid-Hants Railway Diesel Event from it's home in the Midlands. It has been repainted green with full yellow ends. See pictures at:

03/04/03  Merlin to return to action

33046 has moved by road from Carnforth to Rothley on the Great Central Railway. It is due to have body repairs and be repainted for Fragonset. The power unit and auxilleries will be sent to Derby for overhaul , the power unit will be made up with parts from the existing one and that from 33064.

After overhaul, 33046 along with 33019 will join 021/103/108/202 on hire to SWT, probably at the end of June. Source:  33064xeHG

23/03/03  Swanage Cromptons

The two Cromptons on the Swanage Railway have both had a livery change. 33012 now has a yellow warning panels, added during the winter shutdown. 33034 has had a cosmetic repaint in BR Blue. 33012 was in action on both Saturday and Sunday in the Members Weekend.

16/03/03  MP drives a Crompton

Dover MP Gwynn Prosser, learning an honest trade, about to take Class 33 Diesel 33063 down the line to Eythorne at the recent East Kent Railway open day 16 March 2003.  (Chairman of the SE Loco Group Chris Smith in charge).

15/03/03  33109 Sent to Crewe

33109 travelled by road to LNWR Crewe this week. It was sent up to have attention to it's bogies. There has been a change of ownership of this loco and 33208, they are now both owned by the Mid-Hants Railway.

02/03/03  33030 Visits Glasgow Works

33030 left Glasgow works today behind 47237(ex-works) in DRS livery & 20902. The Crompton seems to have a repaint or a very good clean. 33030 traveled to Glasgow by low loader for an 'out of gauging' problem. Now rectified and should by back in traffic ASAP. Details:- 0Z47,14:05 Glasgow Works-Kingmoor.47237+20902+33030. Source: Davie Horne

02/02/03   Another Fragoset Loco

33019 has been bought by Fragonset from HRNC. It is currently based at the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway in Scotland.  Both 33019 and 33046 are complete, and it should not be too major an operation to return them to use. Source: Rail 454.

14/01/03   Merlin moves to Carnforth

33046 and 2 73s have been moved from Eastleigh Depot to Carnforth. They are owned by Fragonset, but there is currently no information on the future of these locomotives.

24/11/02   Fragonset Cromptons arrive

33103 and 33202, now named "Swordfish" and "Meteor" have arrived back on the Southern Region. 33103 is based at Salisbury for crew training and Thunderbird duties. The others are in use for SWT crew training and empty stock moves.

14/09/02   Cromptons work Engineers Trains

33021 and 33108 (with 73109) were used to pilot engineers' trains from Woking to Surbiton.  The official 'train' engine was on the rear of the ballast vehicles, to haul the trains back down to Cobham. Source: Ian Fyvie

30/08/02   SWT to hire 4 Cromptons

33021 and 33108 have spent the last few weeks based at Woking and Bournemouth, working on driving training and rescue missions. They will eventually be joined by 33103 and 33202, in their role of moving new Siemens Class 450 EMUs to and from Wareham. The units will be commissioned between Wareham and Weymouth when delivered later this year.

17/07/02   Fragonset aquire another Crompton

33202 is now under the Fragonset banner, it is not known if Harry Needle has sold it, or it is just has a working agreement. It left the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway today for Derby by lorry.

16/07/02   Southern Passenger Workings for 33108

33108 will work the following trains on Sunday 28th July: 1039 Waterloo-Woking, 1220 Alton-Waterloo, 1353 Waterloo-Alton, 1520 Alton-Waterloo, 1653 Waterloo-Alton, 1820 Alton-Woking. This is commemerate 150 years of the Alton Line.

14/07/02   DRS 33s Released from Glasgow Works

33025 and 33030 have now left Glasgow Works after repairs. They have both been painted in DRS Blue and allocated to Sellafield (SD).

15/06/02   Cromptons to Stranraer and Glasgow Central

The 33111 Presevation Groups Railtour, the "Rhins & Machars Cromton" from Crewe visited Stranraer and Glasgow Central on 18th May. The locos were newly named 33108 "Vampire", and 33021 "Eastleigh" now in Fragonset Black.

03/05/02   33019 at Bo'ness

After only 16 hours in Preservation 33019 started first time at Bo'ness. Well done to the Diesel team.#19 was moved by low loader from Motherwell at 20:00 hrs 03/05/02, arr Bo'ness 22:20. The team worked most of that night on the Crompton & the start botton was pushed at 14:22 Sat 04/05. Not much clag but some minor faults. Re-started & hoped to work the Diesel Galas Beer- Ex from Bo'ness- Birkhill at 19:00. Allox to work Diesel Gala Sun 04/05.  Source: Davie Horne.

19/03/02   33103 joins Fragonset Fleet

33103, owned by Cambrian Trains has joined 33021, 33046 and 33108 in the Fragonset fleet. 33046 is soon to be moved to Fragonset Derby for assessment. Source: Rail 431.

16/03/02   DRS Cromptons on the move

33025 and 33030 are at Alstom Springburn for overhaul, along with 33023 as spares donor. 33207 is at LNWR Crewe for a rewire. 33029 is at Fragonset Derby for overhaul. Source: Rail 431.

28/02/02   33204 Cut Up

33204, the 71A group spares loco was finally cut up ay Ropley on the 27th February. Source:

26/01/02   33202 moved to Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Railway

On 24th January, 33202 was moved from Eastleigh to Southampton Docks. From there it was moved to the Gloucester-Warwickshire Railway. It is hoped to have it running in time for their Diesel Day on the 23rd and 24th February 2002. It will be based on this railway for a year, following a repair and use agreement with owner Harry Needle.

13/01/02   33201 to be at Mid-Hants Diesel Day

33201, based at the Midland Railway Centre is due to be the star attraction at the Watercress Line Diesel Weekend on 26th - 28th April 2001. Source: Rail 426

13/01/02   33111 On the Move

33111 owned by the Class 33/1 Preservation Group is soon to move to Barrow Hill from it's present home of St Leonards, Sussex. It will join fellow Cromptom 33035 at the Derbyshire shed. 33108, also owned by the Class 33/1 Preservation Group, is at nearby Derby, where it used used by Fragonset. 33111 is due to undertake a railtour from Crewe to Stranraer on

22/12/01   EWS Crompton Sales

The new owners of  the remaining EWS 33s are believed to be as follows:

33019  HNRC
33025  DRS
33026  HNRC
33030  DRS
33046  Fragonset
33051  HNRC
33116  National Railway Museum
33202  HNRC

The HNRC (Harry Needle) locomotives face uncertain future as some of the recent sales to HNRC have been for scrapping. Source: Rail 425.

12/12/01   More Cromptons Sold

EWS have sold some of the Cromptons on their tender lists. Unconfirmed reports suggest that DRS have bought 33025 and 33030. Also believed sold are 33019 and 33202, with no information on new owners

10/11/01   SWT hire 33108

South West Trains have hired the Fragonset 33108 for 'Thunderbird' duties during the leaf-fall season. The loco is based at Woking, and has already been in action. It hauled an Alton to Waterloo train on 4th November, and later in the week recovered a 442 Wessex EMU that had failed at Haselmere, returing it to Branksome Depot. Fragonset are reported as to be keen to see the loco well used, rather than sitting around. Source: Rail 422.

10/11/01   DRS overhauling 33029

DRS have sent 33029 to be overhauled at Fragonsets Derby workshop. This will be the second working DRS Crompton, with 33207 hired to Freightliner for shunting at Crewe. Source: Rail 422.

24/08/01   NRM preserves 33116

The National Railway Museum has claimed 33116 for the National Collection. Although there are seven other 33/1s in preservation, the NRM does not consider their future is secure. Source: Rail 416.

19/08/01   Double Headed Crompton Trip

The Fragonet Charters website says that their 0430 Lancaster to Paignton and Return on Saturday 25th August will be hauled throughout by 33021 & 33108 instead of the booked log. Source: James Cox

04/08/01   DRS 33s may be fitted with new engines

DRS is considering re-engineering some of its fleet of 9 33s, possibly with new power units. These may be Ruston or Cummins, with 33029 the possible first candidate. Source: Rail 415.

04/08/01  EWS Cromptons all for sale

33019/25/30/46/116/202 have all been moved to the WNZX "Locomotives for disposal" pool, and put up for sale. Unless someone comes up with a lot of cash, they will probably all be scrapped. The other two EWS locos, 33026 and 33051, were already in the WNZX pool, and had been offered for sale. Source: Rail 415.

24/06/01   33038 Scrapped

33038, which has been at Stratford for the last 12 years, left by road on 22nd June. It was transported to EMR Kingsbury, and  was broken up on 27th June. Source: SELG web site.

24/06/01   33108 To be returned to service

33108, which failed on it's passenger debut in February, will be returned to service using the power unit from 33111. Both locomotives are owned by the Class 33/1 Preservation Group, although 33108 works as part of the Fragonset fleet. Source: Rail 412.

24/06/01   33207 Restarts Mainline Career

33207 was collected from overhaul at Fragonset Derby by 20903+20905, and taken to it's new base at Carlisle Kingmoor. It has now started DRS crew training trips from Carlisle to Crewe. Source: Rail 412.

13/05/01   33203 moves to Longtown

DRS owned 33203 has moved to MOD Longtown near Carlisle. It joins 33002/008/053/057/205 in safe storage. Source: Rail 409.

07/04/01   33021 to Dungeness

Pathfinder Tours "Marshes Marauder" trip from Crewe to Dungeness, Kent, was hauled by 33021. The section from Ashford to Dungeness had the assistance of 2 EWS EDs 73131 and 73133. See picture on the Crompton Extra Photos page of this site.

04/03/01   EWS put 33s up for sale

EWS have advertised 33026 and 33051 for sale by tender. Closing date is a rather ominous Friday 13th April.

03/03/01   DRS Cromptons moved

All of the DRS 33s have now moved from Barrow Hill. The last to leave were 33002 & 33053 on 19/02/01, and 33008 & 33057 on 24/02/01. They are now stored at MOD Longtown. This leaves 33035 as the sole remaining Crompton at Barrow Hill.

09/02/01   EWS not to repair 33030 and 33025

Both these locos were withdrawn on 8th February, despite repair work having already started. EWS now has no working Class 33s.

04/02/01   EWS to repair 33030 and 33025

Both these Cromptons have been sanctioned for repair by EWS. They are currently both at Motherwell. Source Rail 402.

01/02/01   33034 moves to Swanage

33034 has moved from Crewe RA to the Swanage Railway. It is in the care of the 71A group who also look after 33012 at Swanage. It is not totally clear as to who actually owns this locomotive, there is a slightly confusing report in the News section of the Swanage railway web site.

31/01/01   33108 in Fragonset Black and Red

33108 is now main-line registered, and has been painted at Fragonsets Derby Workshops. It may be working Crewe to Cardiff Rugby Reliefs on Saturday 3rd February. Source: uk.railway news-group.

19/01/01   Fire could signal the end of 33030

A fire on 33030 working a Huntley to Aberdeen train could mean the end of it's service life. The fire occurred at Huntley, and was attended by the local fire service. The incident happened on the 16th January, and the loco was taken to Motherwell depot for inspection on the 19th January. Source: uk.railway news-group.

09/01/01   South West Trains hires 33s

South West Trains are hiring D6593 (33000) and D6525 (33000) from 71A Locomotives. They are based at Ropley on the Mid-Hants Railway and will be used when necessary for snow-clearing duties. Source: Rail 401.

06/01/01   Cromptons arrive at DRS

Direct Rail Service has taken delivery of former HNRC 33023 and 33029. They are now at Carlisle Kingmoor Depot, where they will be joined by 33002, 33008, 33053, 33057, 33203, 33205 & 33207. Two further Cromptons 33034 and 33038 were not included in the sale to DRS. Source: Rail 400.

25/11/00   Another 33 is Main Line registered

There are now 7 Cromptons certified for main line use. The latest to join the list is 33108, owned by the 33/1 Preservation Group. It is currently at the Derby works of Fragonset. 33108 will join Fragonsets working loco fleet alongside 33021. Source: Rail 397

The full list of Railtrack certified locomotives is 33021, 33025, 33030, 33103, 33108, 33109, 33208.

25/11/00   DRS may acquire HNRC Cromptons

It is rumoured that Harry Needle's Cromptons will be bought by DRS, for its operational fleet. Source: Rail 397.